The Receiver

New Album Out June 2015

about the receiver


The Receiver is made up of brothers Casey (keyboards, bass, vocals) and Jesse Cooper (drums, vocals). Formed in 2005, the brothers quickly expanded on ideas composed the previous year by Casey for his senior thesis in music composition studies at The Ohio State University. After a few live performances, the band was picked up by New York-based Stunning Models On Display Records. With the label’s support, the band finished the recording of their debut album “Decades” in 2006 and celebrated its release later that year with extensive touring throughout North America. Once home, Casey began the near 2-year writing process for their follow-up album “Length of Arms”. The sophomore effort had its release in late 2009 on Vital Music Records. The band just finished recording their yet to be titled third album due Spring 2015.


Vocals, Synths, Bass, Programming / Casey Cooper
Drums, Percussion, Vocals / Jesse Cooper