The Receiver

New Album Out June 2015

“Sounds like Pink Floyd meeting Mew at an ambient electronica night, before collaborating on an A-list indie movie soundtrack.

- Team Rock's Limelight Feature

“A universe of dreamy prog in keyboards and synths.  On Their third Album, All Burn, brothers Casey and Jesse Cooper set complex, bright melodies and heartbeat-pulsing rhythms adrift.  "Transit" sounds like a Pink Floyd Ballad sung with a Peter Gabriel-like coo, as synths tug and move the track forward.” 

NPR Music, All Songs Considered

“A majestic, expansive record filled with electronic flourishes, soaring vocals and melody to spare.

- AllMusic, album premiere

“A brilliant array of shimmering sorrow and opaque optimism...few previous listeners could've anticipated how luscious, melodic, cohesive, and affective their third outing, all burn, would be.”

- The Big Takeover Magazine

“A Beautiful, Surprisingly melodic dream-pop gem.

- New Noise Magazine


“The kind of propulsive dream pop that Blonde Redhead has mastered, and recalls some of the more wistful, melancholy, late-summer-turning-to-autumn sounds of Surf's Up-era Beach Boys.” 

- Paste Magazine

"wonderful atmospheres and iridescent dreamy quality....filled with a richness of sound and moods, with a glowing ambience that must be heard to be believed."

- All Music Guide

9.5/10  “Their latest work is one of the most textured, trippy and spacious albums of the year so far, brimming with genius instrumentation and ethereal melodies.  Electric pianos, synthesizers and pads played by an orchestra of aliens cover the album in blankets of hypnotic sound.”

Stereo Subversion

*Top Pick for September, 2009  “Dreamy, intricate, progressive pop.  These compositions are smart, intricate, and totally mentally absorbing.”

- BabySue

"A fully realized vision.  It’s like an electronic, alien orchestra...It’s rare to hear an album this artfully arranged."

- The Other Paper

"Length of Arms, their flawless sophomore effort, is indeed a grand statement comprised of sophisticated melodies, somnambulant interludes, and sweeping dynamics - all rendered in a seamless song-cycle..."

- Amplifier Magazine